Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Calgary: Places To Eat

Following on from my post about Calgary, I decided to share some great places to eat there. Unfortunately I don't have any photos from the meals because I devoured them so quick before I could snap away!

Getting to enjoy the diner experience was one of the highlights of Calgary. In the UK we don't really have the novelty of going to diners at weekends so this was great fun for me.

Diner Deluxe  was the first diner that we went to. When Dan lived here, this was one of his favourite diners. We went during the week and it was still quite busy. I had the Eggs Benedict which is served with rosemary hash browns. The hash browns were out of this world...they are nothing like the "hash browns" that sometimes get served in the UK. I also had a strawberry iced tea which was served in a really cute jar (inner Pinterest girl excitement). You can find Diner Deluxe on Twitter!

OEB (Over Easy Breakfast) is located on the same street as Diner Deluxe. We went on a week day and even though it was torrential rain, there was a queue outside. I can't even imagine what the queue would be like on weekends. While we were waiting the lovely staff took our name and gave us some banana bread to munch on. They sure know how to keep the customers sweet! I have to say I was overwhelmed by the is huge. I finally made the choice of "Breakfast in Tuscany." I was served a huge plate of poached eggs, sun-dried tomatoes, prosciutto, rye bread, herb potatos and fresh fruit. It was delicious! You could see people in the diner glancing over to the tables next to them to see what fellow breakfast lovers had ordered. You can find OEB on Twitter!


Little Lebanon
Don't be put off by the exterior or interior of Little Lebanon. In the UK "donair" is something that you will get when you're stumbling home at 2am in the morning after a night out however that is not the case with Little Lebanon. Little Lebanon is a haven of delicious and authentic Lebanese food. It is ran by the friendliest people who are very welcoming. On our arrival we were greeted by the owner who knew Dan, once we got inside we were both given some Baklava...mine was gone within a second. We then ordered chicken pockets. It is a pocket filled with chicken, mixed vegetables and delicious garlic sauce. I honestly think it was one of the best things I've ever had. Little Lebanon don't have social media accounts but you can find them on Trip Advisor!

Broken Plate
Broken Plate is a Greek restaurant. I had never been to a Greek restaurant before but I love it. To start I had the hummus with pita breads. It was the most delicious hummus I have had. I then had the salmon exohiko. It is salmon wrapped in filo with spinach, feta, rice pilaf and vegetables. So delicious. So filling. You can find Broken Plate on Trip Advisor!

The Palomino
The Palomino is somewhere else you have to go into with an open mind. The interior is "rustic" to fit the theme of BBQ. I can't describe how much I loved this place and can't wait to go back. We sat in the courtyard outside as it was a lovely day. I had the pulled pork with the garlic fries. The pulled pork was juicy and smoky...divine. And I am pretty sure you could smell the garlic on me for a few days but it was so worth it ;) The staff were very friendly and attentive as well. The Palomino had a mix of everyone eating there from business men and trades men. You can find The Palomino on Twitter!


Although owned by Starbucks, Teavana is not a franchise that we have yet in the UK. I have to say I would choose it over Starbucks any day. It is a unique, relatively healthy and a fun concept. When you walk in you are faced with a wall of teas in boxes. It might seem a little over-whelming but the staff are super friendly and will talk you through them. When you decide there's one you want to try they let you smell it to make sure you are certain. Some of my favourites were the Oprah chai, chocolate chai and zingiber ginger coconut tea. I recommend going to Teavana in Chinook Mall. You can find Teavana on Twitter!

Tim Hortons
All I have to say is try the Double Double. I am so gutted there's not Tim Hortons in the UK as is it the best coffee I have had from a franchise. You can find Tim Hortons on Twitter!


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