Thursday, 16 October 2014

Perfume Challenge: Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber

Perfume notes: Bergamot, cucumber, beeswax, vanilla and musk.

Jo Malone split their colognes into seven categories: citrus, floral, fruity, woody, spicy, light floral and cologne intense. Earl Grey and Cucumber goes under the citrus category.

This is the first Jo Malone fragrance that I was introduced to. Every time I went home it would be sitting on the bathroom counter and I would give it a spray. My mum cottoned onto this so she ended up giving it to me!

Earl Grey and Cucumber is a fresh scent and I find that it lasts all day. I adore the smell of Earl Grey tea so I was delighted when I discovered this fragrance. I have read the reviews of it on Jo Malone's website and can see that many men have said they would wear it. This doesn't surprise me too much because of the bergamot and musk notes.

What is your favourite Jo Malone scent?

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