Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Perfume Challenge: Jo Malone Wisteria and Violet

Perfume: Jo Malone, Wisteria and Violet
Perfume notes: water lily, wisteria, violet and patchouli

Jo Malone launched the London Rain collection in March 2014. There were four perfumes released: Rain and Angelica, Jasmine and Mint, Wisteria and Violet and Black Cedar-wood and Juniper.

The idea behind the perfume collection was that each one represents a different type of rain fall. Wisteria and Violet is meant to represent a gentle morning shower.

I love the purple colour of the bottle and really think it fits the theme. Wisteria and Violet is definitely the most girly and floral scent of the four in the collection. The scent itself is quite heavy so you only need a little of it. I find the does scent get lighter after a couple of hours and it lasts all day.

I read that Wisteria and Violet pairs well with Peony and Blush so if you have them both I would love to hear your opinion!

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