Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Place To Visit: Calgary, Canada.

In August I visited Calgary, Alberta, which is located on the west side of Canada. I just missed the Calgary Stampede event which is held in July of every year.
There's a lot of things to do in Calgary whether indoors or outdoors. I am going to give you a list of my favourite places that I visited.

Calgary Tower is a must see for any tourist visiting the city. 1228 metres above sea level, it hosts the tallest observation deck in the world. Calgary Tower also has a restaurant, Sky 360, which rotates giving you a full view of the city from above. If you're brave enough you can sit down on the glass floor and look down at the toy sized cars and people! Calgary Tower gives you beautiful views of The Rocky Mountains in the distance and of the city below. I loved going to Calgary Tower as I had never done anything like it before.

Prince's Island Park is the perfect place to go for a walk on a sunny day - Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada. The park is home to many festivals, shows and events so if you are there at the right time you might stumble across one. There's also plenty of areas within the park to enjoy a picnic...just watch out for the sneaky wildlife. Warning: over lunch time the park is FULL of runners. This made me feel extremely guilty after having a massive lunch, ha ha.

Calgary Zoo is split into different sections: Destination Africa, Canadian Wilds, Dorothy Harvie Botanical Gardens, Eurasia, Prehistoric Park and Penguin Plunge. There's so much to do here and it's a great way to spend the afternoon! It definitely isn't just for children. My favourite part of the zoo was the botanical gardens and the butterfly house. You could watch the butterflies hatch which I found so fascinating.

Located at least at hour outside of Calgary, you will need a car to get to The Royal Tyrell Museum but it is definitely worth it. Being the secret geek that I am, I was in my element when we finally arrived at the museum. The museum walks you through the 3 billion year history of earth, from when dinosaurs were around to present day life. I felt in awe of everything that was there - the dinosaur hall, the Devonian Reef and the Cretaceous garden.  Another really interesting aspect of the museum was the preparation lab which gave us the opportunity to watch the technicians prepare the fossils to go on exhibition. I would love to go back to this museum in the future. 

Have you been to Calgary? What was your favourite thing to do?

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