Tuesday, 11 November 2014

5 Favourite Free Photo Editing Apps

Like everyone else, I have an addiction to Instagram. I check it a few times a day and normally upload to it daily.  I have picked out my 5 favourite editing apps that I use before uploading my photos to Instagram.

1. Google+ Snapseed
Dan introduced me to this app, he has an Android and I have an iPhone. Snapseed is easy to use and when you first open it a tutorial shows you the different ways you can edit your photos. I have found that this app really improves the quality of some of my images. I definitely use the filters on Snapseed more than I use the filters on Instagram.

2. Photo Collage
This app does as the title suggests. It does pretty basic collages and is easy to use.

3. BeFunky
Ha, when I was younger "funky" was one of my favourite words. BeFunky is a combined editing and collage app. The app is full of different templates, touch-up options and effects. It is bloomin' good!

4. Photogrid
Ok so what is essentially another collage app but bear with me... When you select to have a single image you can click on the "square" button and it'll refit the image into an Instagram sized square. They also have plenty of edit options such as "vintage", "selfie", "halo", "scenery" and "b&w."

5. Pixlromatic
This is quite a simple editing app. I like the interface of it though. There's three editing buttons at the bottom. The film canister is mood and vintage effects. The light bulb is full of sparkly effects...also known as lighting overlays. And the third button has border effects. I never use the borders but I definitely use the first two effects. I especially love the sparkles :)

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