Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Places To Visit: St Andrews

A few weeks back Dan and I were planning on visiting Edinburgh for the day but decided to stop in at St Andrews as neither of us had been before.

St Andrews is perhaps most well known for being home of the university that Prince William and Kate went to. It is a beautiful, quaint town and there's a few places I want to recommend popping in to.

I love botanic gardens and St Andrews one is absolutely beautiful. The day that we went there was no admission charge because it was the last day of the summer display. The gardens are really well laid out. The glass houses are filled cacti, orchids, aloe, passion-fruit flower and other Mediterranean plants. Then there's the garden patches filled with freshly grown apples, pumpkins, herbs and sun flowers. We then took a wander into the woodland. There's signs that guide you through and they have quotes from The Gruffalo on them...a childhood favourite. The woodland takes you out to waterfalls and stepping stones down to an open space which would be perfect for picnics during the warmer weather.

The remains of St Andrews cathedral are so beautiful. At the entrance of the cathedral you read about when the cathedral was originally built and the disasters it has been through. Much of the remains of the cathedral are now home to the grave stones. There is also a museum at the cathedral but we didn't have time to go and look at it.

We wandered to the ruins of the castle about 15 minutes before the grounds closed. The castle overlooks the sea and you can look down and see the waves lapping up below. The castle also has a dungeon which I found so creepy and didn't go all of the way in! There is mines that you can explore as well, as you can see from the pic above. Dan was brave and went all the way to the end of the mine. It would be nice to go back in the future and spend some more time looking around the grounds.

If you've been to St Andrews, what was your favourite thing?


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