Saturday, 6 December 2014

Advent Calendar

I went back home for a few days and didn't take my calendar with me so there's a few days to catch up on. I've just realised my fingers look orange in these photos...I haven't fake tanned, I think it is just the poor winter lighting.

Day 4 was a bottle of the famous cavier pearls. I haven't yet tried these as I think they would take a long time to remove but as soon as I try them I will post a review. This definitely seems like an interesting concept.

Day 5 is a peachy pink colour called "Hoopla." Hoopla was a part of Ciate's fairground collection but it is also included in the calendar. I think this would look perfect during summer when my skin has a bit more of a tan.

Day 6 is a lilac shade called "sugar plum." I love pastel nail varnishes and this is a gorgeous colour. I had to apply 3 layers of polish to my nail as it is actually quite a sheer colour. "Sugar plum" has a creme finish which gives it a shiny look.

I am away to Frankfurt this afternoon until Tuesday so when I get back I will post days 7, 8 and 9. I am going to the Christmas market and I can't wait to share photos with you! :)

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