Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Frankfurt Day 2

Yesterday morning we headed to Cafe Crumble for breakfast. The staff were really friendly and translated the menu for us.  I had the berry bircher muesli which was so delicious.

After breakfast we walked over to the natural history museum. The museum was bigger than I expected and had a great collection of items. Some of the dinosaurs at the museum they had received from Royal Tyrell Museum in Canada which I went to in summer.

We went to the botanical gardens after the museum. Being winter, not many of the plants were in bloom but they did have an amazing Christmas display. The dress on the mannequin was made out of leaves, they also had a dress made from pine needles.

These are some more displays from the botanical gardens. They are definitely Pinterest-worthy and I would love to make a few of them.

At night time we headed back to the Christmas market. There was something magical about seeing the Christmas tree lights twinkling. We had bratwurst for dinner and then I had some Lebkuchen.

This last photo is of an underground metro entrance in Frankfurt. It's such a clever and unique idea. I hadn't seen anything like it anywhere before!

That's my holidays finished for 2014. Where was your favourite place you visited this year?

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