Thursday, 22 January 2015

Five Favourites // Two

I can be a bit of a worrier so when I was in Waterstones a few weeks ago I bought this book. It has got some really great points in it and I am enjoying reading it.

I am a big fan of coconut so was excited when I saw this in the supermarket! This yoghurt is suitable for vegans and is lactose/dairy free, soya free, gluten free and nut free! The fat content is high at 19g but I think it is ok to have as a treat.

I was on the lookout for more recipes and downloaded the Deliciously Ella app. It has loads of different categories full of healthy and easy recipes. The layout of the app is really tidy and I love the photographs of the food. 

This dove trinket that my mum bought me is really cute.

I went to the cinema to see The Theory of Everything and I am so glad I did. Eddie Redmayne was brilliant as Stephen Hawking. He really deserved the Golden Globe award and I am sure he will have many more awards to come. I really recommend going to see this film. Maybe bring some tissues, I definitely wasn't emotionally prepared! 

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