Friday, 23 January 2015

Healthy Snacks

Apple and peanut butter
I love chopping apple up into wedges and dipping it in peanut butter. My favourite peanut butter is the crunchy stuff by Whole Earth Foods but their peanut butter with sunflower seeds is also delicious too.

Carrots and hummus
I could eat hummus every day and I really need to make my own one day. I like to eat hummus with carrot sticks. Peppers and celery are good as well.

Fruit and Greek yogurt with honey
Another favourite sweet treat of mine is fruit with Greek yogurt and honey. The fruit combo I like best is banana, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Sometimes I will have this in the morning too with oats to make it more filling.

Nakd Bits
I am a big fan of Nakd bars and recently discovered their new products, Nakd Bits. My favourite kind is the cocoa orange. They're made from dates, cashew, raisins, cocoa and orange. They also have berry delight bits which I think would be nice as well.

Medjool dates
I think dates are amazing. To me they taste caramelly. They are quite sweet so I find I don't need too many to satisfy me!

What are some of your favourite snacks?

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