Friday, 6 February 2015

Long Haul Flight Essentials

My flight to Canada on Wednesday was 9.5 hours and I want to share with you my top long haul flight essentials.

I don't like wearing make-up on long flights as I find that my skin dries out a bit so I picked up some Simple make-up removing wipes. I never use wipes but it is a quick solution when on a plane. Because my skin gets dehydrated during flights I have a sample pot of Origins Ginzing moisturiser. I love this moisturiser because it feels really refreshing on my skin. Still on the subject of moisture, I took Nuxe's lip balm. It really makes a difference when my lips are chapped. Before landing I like to make myself feel more awake by putting a little bit of makeup on so I use concealer and my favourite blusher.

I can get a bit anxious when flying so to me it is essential to take products that will help me relax. I have a lavender eye-mask, a de-stress roll on oil and my earphones.

I checked out what movies were on my flight in advance but you can't always rely on the inflight entertainment on working. I love taking books with me as I get so engrossed with them. I took The Silkworm with me to finish. I also have plenty of app games on my iPhone to keep me entertained on the flight. I use Spotify to stream my music and made a "travelling" playlist full of upbeat songs.

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