Thursday, 9 April 2015

Five Favourites // Ten

Dan got me a Nexus 9 tablet for my birthday and I love it. I had never used an Android product before so wasn't sure what to expect. I had always been an Apple gal. They say "once you go Mac you never go back..." or something like that. Anyway I can now clarify that is not true. My Nexus is so fast and the battery lasts for days. Google Play Books is awesome. I have only had my tablet for a week and I am onto my third book. So far I have read The Good Girl and Before I Go To Sleep. I am currently reading The Girl On The Train.

This was a cocktail menu at a restaurant we went to in Montreal. I thought it was cool. They used an old book and stuck the menu onto the right side pages.

Got this little buddha from a boutique shop in Montreal. Yellow is one of my favourite colours. The buddha means "be selfless."

 I had been pondering over this Guerlain  perfume for a while and finally decided to get it. It is gorgeous. The notes are: green, rose, jasmine, black cherry, orange blossom, apple, black currant, white amber, white musk and patchouli. The main scent I get is the black cherry. It smells really elegant. I am also a big fan of the bottle design.

We went to the botanical gardens in Montreal. It was a bit too chilly to walk around the gardens so we went to the butterfly exhibition. It was so mesmerising. There was hundreds of butterflies flying everywhere. There's a quick video on my Instagram.

For my birthday we went to Barocco restaurant. It was delicious and the menu was so unique. To start I had crab tartine with cavier. Main: sea bream stuffed with spinach and black truffles with beets and gnocchi. Dessert: goats cheese and lime cheese-cake. It is Jennifer Lawrence's favourite restaurant in Montreal too. Even more reason to go!

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