Thursday, 16 April 2015

Volume Beauty Bar

Coming over here meant I had to find a new hairdresser. I dreaded finding a new hairdresser as I am really particular when it comes to my hair. Dan suggested Volume Beauty Bar as he goes to their barbers/beard salon, Chin Whiskey,  and loves it. I read some reviews of Volume Beauty Bar online and decided to go for it. I booked my appointment with Lindsay after seeing her Instagram and how awesome her haircuts are. When I saw her Instagram I knew I wanted to go for a different style.

When I arrived for my appointment we had a quick consultation to decide on the length and colour I wanted to go for. I loved the balayage look that I saw on Instagram so I wanted something along the lines of that. My roots still have to grow out a bit for it but we began the process. Lindsay used an ashier blonde on the bottom of the hair and left the roots to grow. We decided to cut my hair so it falls on my collarbone. 

My hair was backcombed and then the dye was applied. The dye was then washed out and a toner applied. After that a treatment was applied to my hair and wasn't washed out. 
The cutting then began. My hair was quite long so a few inches were cut off but I was excited about having a new style. Lindsay tidied my fringe up and blended it into the cut. She then blow dried it super messy and waved it using a flat iron. I love the end result and hope that I can style it the same at home!

If you are in Calgary, I really recommend Volume Beauty Bar and Lindsay. If you decide to go and book an appointment with Lindsay, mention that you were referred to her by me (Katie) and you will get 20% off your price. Let me know if you go and how it turns out :)

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