Saturday, 23 May 2015


I am a big fan of typography and art print and think that they are nice little motivators. Some of my favourite Instagram accounts are typography ones. These prints are all from Chapters, although Winners has some for much cheaper.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Mexican Quinoa

I used to always see people saying how good quinoa is and I thought they were exaggerating but it is good! Dan and I have become a little obsessed with quinoa recently and there is so many different ways to have it. This mexican quinoa recipe has been one of my favourite meals so far.

What you will need
Olive oil
1 white onion
1 pepper 
2 garlic cloves
1 jalapeno
1 cup of quinoa, rinsed
1 cup vegetable broth
14 oz tomatoes
19 oz black beans, rinsed
1 cup of sweet corn
1 teaspoon chilli powder
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp chipotle powder
Juice from 1 lime
Salt & pepper

Optional: you could add meat to this recipe but we had a vegetarian option

Heat the olive oil
Add onion, garlic pepper and jalapeno - cook until sauteed 
Stir in the quinoa, vegetable broth, tomatoes, corn, black beans, chilli powder, cumin, chipotle powder and season with salt and pepper
Bring it all to a boil, cover and turn down to a simmer until the quinoa is cooked (it takes about 20 minutes)
When all of the liquid is gone add the lime juice and serve

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Chapters Wish List

Chapters is one of my favourite stores in Canada. Aside from being a book store it also sells really nice homeware and accessories. These are just a few of the things that I have seen that I would put on my wish list.
1.  Canada mug 2. Love knot necklace (I love the concept of it) 3. Aqua satchel  4. Kate Spade accessories tray 5. Sweet Dreams bath minerals

Friday, 1 May 2015

Five Favourites // Eleven

Since I have started working out again I decided to get some new clothes. Both of the tops are from Winners and the yoga pants are from Lulu Lemon.

I saw this card at Indigo and thought it was appropriate for all of the bloggers out there ;)

The Nutella latte from Deville cafe is one of the best things I have ever had. Coffee + Nutella = heaven.

One of the classes I have started doing is reformer pilates. These grip socks are great for the class...they did feel odd when I first put them on though.

I have had this album on repeat. I love the film and the soundtrack is just as awesome :)

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