Tuesday, 2 June 2015

What I Like To Do To Relax

I am someone who can get stressed and anxious easily, which has been happening recently due to circumstances which I will reveal soon. I know that other people go through these feelings too and it is important to take a step back and to try and relax. These are some of things that I find help me relax...

1. Pamper
When stressed it's important to have some 'me-time.' I like to have a bubble bath with a product from Lush and put a face-mask on. My favourite face-masks to use are Origins 'Clear Improvement' and 'Drink Up.' 

2. Exercise
The endorphins that come after exercising always make me feel much better and relaxed. Sometimes when I am stressed I don't want to exercise but I push myself to because I know that I always feel happier afterwards and no one ever regrets working out. Yoga and Reformer Pilates are my go-to exercises right now. I have joined a studio that has a great community of people, classes and instructors. 

3. Listen to music/Podcasts
Something about music always helps me relax. Spotify has a great selection of playlists and the ones I enjoy listening to are: 'Atmospheric Calm' '100 Most Uplifting Songs' and 'Totally Stress Free.' This is my own 'relax' playlist. Podcasts are something that I never listened to until I discovered the series 'The Anxiety Guru' by Paul Dooley. Paul's podcasts are full of information of how to deal with anxiety and stress in different situations - they are also free.

4. Read
I love reading and I find that getting lost in a good book distracts me from what I am stressed about. Books that I have read recently and enjoyed are: 'The Girl On The Train', 'Before I Go To Sleep' and 'Already Home.' 

What do you find helps relieve stress?

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