Friday, 16 December 2016

Maison Jacynthe | Lipstick

As you may remember, at the beginning of 2016 I wrote about an amazing Quebec-based beauty company, "Le Soins de Jacynthe."  They have now rebranded to simply, "Maison Jacynthe." The reason behind the name change and rebranding is because, Jacthyne, feels that she "opens the doors of her house" and shares its secrets, recipes, and rituals. As well as the rebrand, they also introduced a makeup line!

As was explained in my first post about the brand, Maison Jacynthe pride themselves on their products being natural, chemical and GMO-free and are also cruelty-free - they are part of PETA's "beauty without bunnies" program. I think the natural feel of the brand really shines through on the design of their makeup packaging with the use of the cherrywood.

If you know me very well, you will know that I am a huge fan of bold lipsticks, which is why I picked the colour, 05.Fishing. The stand-out ingredients in the lipstick are; Candelilla wax (provides a smooth application), apricot wax, castor seed oil, and coffee seed extract. The website says that the lipstick has the natural scent of goji but I don't actually smell anything when applying it.

The first thing I noticed about this lipstick was the pigmentation and how smooth it glided on. You really don't need to apply much to get that pop of colour, the pigmentation is amazing. I don't wear matte lipstick very often as I find that my lips dry out. Although this lipstick is matte, my lips stayed hydrated which I put down to the natural ingredients. The colour also lasted really long throughout the day, even after eating and drinking. When it started to wear off, it did so evenly, fading to a nice lighter colour. I really like this product a lot and recommend it, if you are looking to venture into using natural brands.

Have you tried any Maison Jacynthe products?

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Winter Bucketlist

Oh, the weather outside it frightful... Going by the recent weather, winter is officially here. There are so many great things to do here in winter that I thought I would make a list of some that I want to do.

8. Tubing - Done


Saturday, 10 December 2016

UGG Adirondack Boot II - Leather

When it comes to Ugg boots the first thing that probably pops into your mind is the 'Classic' Ugg. I have a pair of the Classics and they are comfy and warm but I needed a sturdy winter boot for the snow and ice here. I spent a while window-shopping and wasn't sure what I was going to go for as snow boots are not known for being the most stylish shoe. I didn't want a shoe that looked overly technical but having to walk a lot, I knew I wanted something that would be super warm and help me not slip on ice or packed snow.

I was browsing The Bay's website and saw these Ugg snow boots. I had no idea Ugg had such a wide selection of styles and I thought they looked really nice!

They are expensive but I think you get what you pay for. They have really been put to the test this week as it has been REALLY cold. We have had snow and temperatures of -30... I was curious as to how the boots would withstand this weather. I have been blown away with how amazing they are.  My feet have been so warm. The lamb wool really helps to insulate which is what is needed in these temperatures. They have a luxurious lamb wool insole and the inside upper of the boot is also lamb wool. You can wear the cuff down or pulled up for some extra warmth, so far I have kept mine turned down.

Now, onto the grip. I am SO fearful of ice and even walking on packed snow. Last year when walking I would slide around with my regular boots and I was so worried I was going to fall. These boots have incredible traction. The sidewalks have so far been mostly packed snow but even that can be slippery and I haven't felt like I was going to fall at any point wearing these. Even on the roads which have been a bit icy, I still have good traction and I can walk confidently.

As you can tell from this review, I really LOVE these boots and highly recommend them. To me, they are an investment and so worth the money.

Have you tried the Adirondack boots? What are your tips for staying warm in winter while on the move?

Saturday, 22 October 2016


Dan and I went to Ottawa, Canada's capital, over the thanksgiving weekend. It was a much-needed break and we were so happy to get away as we hadn't been on vacation yet this year. We had wanted to go to Ottawa for a while and we had heard that the fall colours there are absolutely beautiful...THEY ARE! I (yes me) put together a list of the things to do there, along with some restaurants and breakfast places.

We stayed in the Byward Market area of Ottawa and it was beautiful. We arrived late on the Friday evening so walked around the market on Saturday. Walking around the market is really nice as there is a lot to see! I love all of the colourful squash and pumpkins that they sell! Check out the GIANT pumpkin! Dan had some curry from Shafali Indian and it was really good (I may have snuck a few bites). There are also loads of bakeries, as well as restaurants, in and near the market. Talking of restaurants...

Dan and I LOVE BBQ food. We drool whenever we watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and they are at a smokehouse in the Southern States. We saw Fatboys Southern Smokehouse on Tripadvisor and decided to go there for dinner. I really liked the atmosphere of the restaurant. I actually felt like I was somewhere in the Southern US. We ordered a sharing platter that came with; pulled pork, brisket, bbq chicken & ribs. We also got a side of mac & cheese, greens, and cornbread. The food was delicious and I left with a food-baby that made me look at least 7 months along.

One of the most beautiful things about Ottawa in the fall is the colour of the leaves! They are so beautiful. We headed to Major's Hill Park for a walk and I was in my element as there were LOADS of maple trees. I made a joke to Dan before we came here about being in Canada for a year & a half and still not seeing a maple leaf...but it was true! We don't seem to have any maple trees in Calgary, at least I haven't seen any! I couldn't believe the size of some of the leaves so of course, I had to hold it in front of my face.

After Major's Hill Park, we walked down to Parliament Hill. It was beautiful and reminded me of London's parliament. There is a lot about Ottawa that reminds me of the UK. We didn't have a chance to do a tour because the queues were really long...I guess that's what happens when tickets are free!

One of the really cool things about Ottawa is that Quebec is just over the border, it isn't far at all. We drove over to Gatineau Park which is known for being beautiful in Autumn and it was! The colours were like nothing I had ever seen before. Back in Scotland, the leaves turn brown and then go to mush. These leaves were all different shades of red and orange.

We had a really great time in Ottawa and would definitely return!

Have you been to Ottawa? What is your favourite thing about there?

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


I recently went along to the new PopBar location at CrossIron Mills. This is the first location in Calgary and the second in Alberta. With locations all across the USA,  Japan, Indonesia and South Korea, hopefully, there are much more Canadian locations to come!

What is Popbar?
Popbar is an awesome gelato stand that you may see popping up in malls near you. They proudly source only natural ingredients for their bars and the products are freshly made in the PopLab right on location! Another great thing? The products are gluten free and kosher certified.

There are different kinds of bars to try;
Popgelato: this bar offers a traditional style of Italian gelato
PopSorbettos: dairy free and made with 100% real fruit on location
YogurtPops: the smooth yogurt based bars

All of the bars contain no artificial colouring and are preservative free.

The super fun part
So, Popbar is not like going to a regular gelato place, it is so much more. They have a wide variety of flavours that rotate. The basic flavours for the gelato are; banana, chocolate, coconut, coffee, hazelnut, mint, peanut butter, pistachio and vanilla. For the sorbetto, the flavours are; lemon, mango, mixed berry, orange, peach, pineapple and strawberry. For Autumn, they even have a pumpkin pie flavour! You can see the full range of flavours here.

You can also customise your PopBar with toppings, which is there is also a large selection of. Some of the toppings and dips available are; almonds, hazelnut, pistachio, caramel corn, dark chocolate and white chocolate.

What I had
I couldn't go to PopBar and just try one I had two. I started off with the hazelnut gelato, half dipped in dark chocolate with pistachio topping. Biting into the hazelnut gelato with the dark chocolate was like eating Nutella. It was rich, creamy and delicious. The pistachio was a great finishing touch and I enjoyed the extra crunch. After trying a gelato, I had a sorbetto. I went with the blood-orange, drizzled with white chocolate. Wow. The flavours were amazing. It was so fresh and zingy. Perfect for a summer's day. The blood-orange was my favourite out of the two. It felt hydrating and was so simple yet delicious.

Have you tried PopBar yet?

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Footlogix Mousse

I am not going to lie, I am pretty lazy when it comes to moisturising my feet. I want a quick fix and don't want to be waiting for the moisturiser to fully absorb before I can put my shoes on or get into bed. When I was sent some Footlogix Mousse to try, I thought it seemed right up my street!

About Footlogix Mousse

Ingredients and benefits

  • 10% urea which locks moisture into the skin
  • 1% dimethicone, which acts as a skin protectant 
  • Absorbed immediately and leaves no greasy residue
  • Fragrance free
  • Allows the skin to breathe: the soothing airy mousse formula mimics the skin's own composition and doesn't block pores.
  • Infuses essential moisturising and active nourishing ingredients  for absorption deep into the layers of the skin.   
  • Gently, naturally, exfoliates and hydrates the skin's surface.
  • Increases elasticity, enabling the skin to become soft and supple.
  • Non-greasy, so socks can be worn immediately after application.
  • Does not wash off or soak into clothing.
  • Easy to apply and is rapidly absorbed.

My thoughts 

Before I started using Footlogix Mousse, I was using an organic foot moisturiser. It was fine, not my favourite. It was a runny consistency and took ages to absorb which meant I was less inclined to use it. Instead of using it twice a day, I would only use it at night before bed and then throw some socks on to stop the product going on my sheets. So when I received and read about Footlogix Mousse, it sounded like a breath of fresh air. The claims sounded almost too good to be true so there was only one way to find out!

I have been using the mousse twice a day, for at least 3 weeks now. I stopped using my old moisturiser for a few days before I started using the Footlogix product to really get an idea of how much it works.

The first thing I noticed about the product is the texture. As clearly stated in the name, it is a mousse. At first, when I pumped some out, I looked at it and wondered how it was going to moisturise my dry feet. It has such a light and airy consistency that I almost didn't believe it would do anything. Anyway, I rubbed it into my heels, soles and in between my toes. It is safe to say that with this product a little goes a long way!

After using this product for the past few weeks, there is definitely a noticeable change in the skin on my feet. It is supple, looks plump and isn't cracked anymore. This product really makes a difference on the dried out skin, something I battle with in Calgary. I will say that it is a product that you have to use consistently, as I took a day or two off and my started to dry out again but as soon as I started it up again, my feet were silky soft.

Now for the claims of the fast absorption. This is definitely something that is true about the product. In the morning I apply this after I have showered and at night before I jump into bed - both times when I don't want to sit around waiting for the moisturiser to sink in. With the Footlogix Mousse, I don't have to do that. It honestly is absorbed straight away.

A few days into using the Footlogix Mousse, Dan asked me if I had used a foot lotion as there was residue left on our bathroom tiles. Now that surprised me as the leaflet for the product claims that no greasy residue is left! Since this is the only product that I use on my feet, there can't be anything else that left the residue on the floor. It doesn't bother me too much and won't put me off using the product. I just throw some socks on straight after applying!

I really love this product from Footlogix Medical and recommend it if you suffer from dry skin on your feet. It is also worth mentioning, that Footlogix is a proud supporter of the Canadian Diabetes Association. If you are suffering from dry feet due to diabetes, definitely give this product a try!

Have you tried Footlogix Mousse? What do you think of it?

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

Anxiety is a funny thing, not in a 'ha-ha' way, but in the weird way that it can just creep up on you without any warning. When I say anxiety, I am not talking about the general feeling of being 'anxious.' I mean full blown panic attack anxiety. There is a huge difference between the emotion of feeling anxious and actual anxiety.

I first suffered from a panic attack when I was around 12. I was in Marks and Spencers with my mum and all of a sudden I felt really hot, my heart was racing and I couldn't breathe properly. So I sat down and that was that. I guess not much more was thought of it. Looking back, though, I have always shown signs of anxiety. I was (and still am) a complete hypochondriac as a child. You know Vaida from 'My Girl'? I was basically her.

In Aberdeen, I suffered a little from panic attacks but it didn't happen all that often. They did get really bad last year when I moved to Canada with Dan. There was so much going on; I was in a new country, we had to get everything in order for my PR application, I couldn't work for the first few months which meant it was hard for me to meet people. My anxiety went through the roof. I would have panic attacks at the cinema, in the mall, on the train, at home and most of the time, I didn't know why. I just knew that my anxiety was really bad. A year on and it all makes much more sense. I don't cope well with new things and stress and my brain basically went into overdrive. It decided I wasn't going through enough so decided to throw some panic attacks in there too!

Anyway, recently I got talking to another blogger who has been suffering from panic attacks and shared some tips of mine with her, and I thought I would share them on here too.

I spoke to Dan about my anxiety and how it made me feel, and also just how it could be triggered for no apparent reason. He was great, and tried to understand as much as he could, he was also really patient but I do know that it is hard for someone who doesn't suffer from anxiety to fully understand it themselves. One of his friends has also suffered from anxiety so I spoke to him about it. It was great to talk to someone who actually understood how I felt and understood that feeling of sheer panic that can happen.

I have never really been a Podcast person but last year I discovered some great ones while I was feeling anxious.

The Anxiety Guru Show: A great podcast by the writer, Paul Dooley. This was my go-to Podcast last year. It covers all things anxiety, from making you realise you aren't alone with anxiety and how to manage anxiety. He actually also has a great article about heart palpitations on his website. This was a new symptom that I suffered last year with my anxiety and it was so scary and made me panic even more. It was a vicious circle.

Michael Hyatt: Michael  doesn't talk about anxiety but his niche is more about managing time, something that can cause anxiety with me. It's a mixture of work-life, home-life and even how to manage blogging.

Read know that little voice in your head that eggs on your anxiety? I have a book that will help with that. I only read it this year and it was fantastic. I got it because I was having panic attacks during driving lessons...not ideal. It was recommended to me by so many people, my mum included! The book is called 'The Chimp Paradox' and is about that annoying 'little voice' in your head and how to manage it. I would recommend that everyone reads this, even if you don't have anxiety.

The next book isn't anxiety focussed but I think it is brilliant. It is called 'The Confidence Gap.' Personally, this does help me as my anxiety tends to rear its ugly head if I am not feeling confident about something.

I have this weird thing where if I am in public and my anxiety/panic attack is kicking in and I can't remove myself from the situation (on the train) then I will put my earphones on and turn them up really loud, and I will focus on that and it helps to distract me.

Spotify: Probably my most used app. I LOVE it. I have a few playlists that I will listen to when I need to relax. Relax 1. Relax 2.

Headspace: An absolutely fantastic app for mindfulness and meditation.

Calm: Another meditation app. It also has relaxing sounds that help (rainfall, birds etc).

I cannot stress it enough. Exercising regularly has helped sooo much with my anxiety! Those endorphins really do make a difference. If you are going to start exercising, make sure it is something that you will actually enjoy. I LOVE going to Barre and always want to go!

I hope you have found some of these tips helpful. If you suffer from anxiety, what do you find helps you?

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Bath & Bodyworks Wish List

That time of year has come around again where Bath & Bodyworks have got their Autumn collection in! This year is flying by.

1. Lavender Chamomile Bubble Bath - $16.50
Bath & Body Works have an aromatherapy section and I like to think of it as the more 'grown up' products compared to their well known sweet scents. I love to have bubble baths and winter and I am definitely going to have to take advantage of our new soaker tub this year. This lavender chamomile bubble bath sounds perfect for a relaxing bath before bed!

2. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Shea & Sugar Body Scrub - $16.50
I really like their body scrubs as they're not full of pesky micro beads, instead made with sugar or sand. This body scrub has different notes and it smells so good. Top notes; pumpkin and fresh apple. Mid notes; fresh ginger, jasmine, cinnamon spice and gingerbread. Dry notes; amber, rum, vanilla, and sandalwood.

3. Bright Leaves & Blue Skies Sanitizers - $5
These sanitizer packs are such a bargain! I like to stock up on these so that I can always keep one in my bag and they smell so good! Sometimes sanitizers just stink of alcohol but these smell of the real deal. If it says it smells of pina colada... it will smell of pina colada! Of course, I had to pick the Autumn pack.

4. Pumpkin Spice White Barn Candle - $22.50
What is Autumn without pumpkin spice? I *think* we are going to host  ThanksGiving dinner this year and I can't wait! I have already planned that we are going to have an Autumn wreath, pumpkin pie, and plenty of spice candles! I actually prefer the White Barn candles to the regular Bath & Body Works candles.


Monday, 18 July 2016

A Life Update

Hello, I am back! It has been almost a month since my last blog post so I thought I would give you a little update on why I have flown off the radar slightly. This past month has been a bit chaotic. Dan and I moved into our house and since then everything has been a bit up in the air. We haven't really had time to do much apart from unpack and tidy, and even a month after, things still have to come together. Our sofa arrived last week so that has made the downstairs feel more homely. This house is much bigger than our old condo so it will take a while to fill it up. We are so pleased to finally be in the house as the whole design-move process took almost a year. A funny story... we managed to lose the screws to our bed and we are waiting for the manufacturer to mail out the special kind that we need, so our bedroom is a disaster. Dan swears he put the screws in our bedside table and I swear I didn't move who knows where they ended up.

We celebrated Canada Day a few weeks ago. It is so nice to get an extra day off work that isn't the weekend. In Canada, you only get two weeks of vacation from work a year. I do sure miss the generous 5.5 weeks of vacation that you get in the UK. Anyway, Canada was super fun. We went to the new National Music Centre, where we saw Michael Buble's suit and I was very excited as that is probably the closest I will get to meeting him. After the music centre, we grabbed some ice lollies from Family Freezed. Dan had the salted chocolate and I had the mini doughnut and it was AMAZING. In the evening we went to see Finding Dory, which was actually such a good film! We then went out for dinner before heading to the fireworks.

The fireworks went off at 11pm. We found the perfect spot to sit, with such a nice view of downtown. As you can see, storm clouds were coming in. We had the firework show in front of us and then to the side, there was the most spectacular lighting show going on. Calgary has had the most wild thunderstorms happening the past two weeks, something that we don't experience back home.

I headed out to Raw Bar for dinner and oh my gosh, the food is delicious. It is a Vietmodern restaurant and it has some of the nicest food I have ever tasted. The menu is a sharing style which I like, as you can try loads of different dishes. The first photo above is of the crab and mango salad rolls which came with a chilli mango salsa and peanut hoisin sauce. The second dish is the crispy taro and papaya slaw, with tomatoes, cucumber, shallots, peanuts and citrus dressing. Both of those dishes were unreal and tasted so fresh.

We also had the lemongrass roasted duck with crepes, herbs and tamarind and hoisin jam. It was incredible. I LOVE duck. The best duck I have had was in Paris but this dish at Raw Bar came a pretty close second. For dessert, I had the Guava cheesecake with strawberry sorbet. It was the perfect dish to end the meal. The cheesecake was a perfect size and really light. I enjoyed this whole meal a lot and can't wait to return.

Last week I had my first Calgary Stampede pancake breakfast experience. Our neighbourhood held its own event and it was so nice. It was the perfect weather to sit outside and enjoy the breakfast. The pancakes were soo yummy. A pancake breakfast is a huge part of the stampede and they are hosted all over the city. We also went to Stampede last weekend and it was my first time. It wasn't really my style of thing but it is something you definitely have to do if you are in Calgary when it is on.  We walked around and had some mini doughnuts (obviously), watched a really cute dog show where all of the dogs were rescue dogs, and then hit up the food trucks to have some BBQ food. Pulled pork is my favourite and Dan went for the brisket.

This week has been a little bit quieter. I went to Barre and we have just been trying to get more stuff done around the house.

I will have more blog posts up next week! I have lots to write about :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Caprina Fresh Goat's Milk Body Wash

Earlier this month, I spoke about how I was sent some Caprina products to try and review for my blog. The first product that I tried was their goat's milk body lotion. I loved it and you can read my post here!

The product that I am talking about today is their goat's milk body wash. There are so  many benefits for goat's milk in skincare products and the Canus research team has been able to fractionate fresh goat's milk so as to obtain the following:
Basically, it is full of all of the good stuff to keep your skin feeling hydrated and healthy. 

Caprina's body wash is ultra-moisturising, biodegradable, phosphate-free and is tested under dermatological control.

I received the gorgeous orchid oil body wash. Orchid oil is a silky oil known for its antioxidant and emollient traits. Put the orchid oil and goat's milk together and you have super soft least that is what Caprina says! Of course, I had to try it out for myself!

I really like the smell of this product, it is quite sweet and floral without being overbearing. I like body washes that aren't perfumed too much as I find that overly perfumed products dry out and irritate my psoriasis more. Previously, I had been using an Aveeno body wash because I was finding that scented washes were flaring up my psoriasis but Caprina's body wash hasn't done that.

The body wash also lathered up really well and didn't leave a residue on my skin, which some tend to do. I really the way this makes my skin feel. I am surprised by how supple and moisturised a body wash can make my skin feel!

Have you tried any of Caprina's products?

*Product sent to me but as always, the opinion is 100% my own.*

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

My Summer Beauty Secret | Cancer Research UK | #OwnYourTone

I am supporting the amazing Cancer Research UK to share my summer beauty secret and to talk about their hot new #OwnYourTone campaign which runs until the end of August.

Lots of people are always searching for the number one way to keep their skin looking youthful and radiant. Of course, staying hydrated does help, as well as moisturising but my number one go-to for keeping my skin glowing is by protecting it from the sun by covering up, seeking shade and using sunscreen!

It is easy to get caught up in the hype that having a tan makes you look healthy but tanning isn't healthy for your skin. A tan is a sign that your skin is trying really hard to protect yourself from the sun/UV rays. Sunbeds aren't healthy either, in fact, too much exposure to UV from them or the sun causes premature skin aging and is the main cause of skin cancer. That is why Cancer Research UK has launched the #OwnYourTone campaign, to encourage people to love their natural skin tone and protect it from the sun. They want to demonstrate the beauty and confidence of young people embracing their natural skin tones and avoiding the damaging effects of UV.

There are three ways to protect your skin from the sun;
*Spend time in the shade
*Cover up - an SPF alone isn't enough to protect your skin
*Wear sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and 4 stars or more to protect the skin you can't cover

*Using a sunscreen shouldn't be an excuse to stay in the sun for longer, and no sunscreen can provide 100% protection from the sun, so seeking shade and covering up is important!

Every single day I apply at least apply a facial sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Seriously. It has just become a part of my everyday routine and I don't even think about it anymore.

I know people can be fussy with applying sunscreen to their face because the product might not feel right for their skin but my holy grail face sunscreen is the amazing Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration lotion. This product applies perfectly to my face, leaving a matte feeling. It absorbs quickly and doesn't make my skin oily throughout the day. I even find this to be the perfect primer before applying my make-up!

Onto my holy grail body sunscreen product... I am a HUGE fan of Garnier's Ambre Solaire Original Protection Lotion in SPF 30. I hate sunscreens that feel sticky and leave a residue but this product does the complete opposite. It absorbs fast, leaving my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Now having, spoken about the danger of UV from the sun, of course, you do need some sunlight! No need to turn into a total vampire...some sun is necessary for your dose of Vitamin D.

Some extra advice to help you maintain your gorgeous, natural skin tone!

*In the UK, the sun is strongest from April to October, and between 11am-3pm.
*Shade includes spending time inside, as well as under trees or by using umbrellas/parasols. Be aware of sunlight reflecting off the ground, including concrete, sand, and water.
*Sunscreen should be applied generously and regularly (as a guide, around 2 teaspoons of sunscreen will cover your face, arms, and neck.

You can find more information about enjoying the sun safely here and remember to #OwnYourTone!


Friday, 10 June 2016

Caprina by Canus Body Lotion

I was very kindly sent a few Caprina by Canus products to try and review for my blog. I was sent the body lotion, body wash, and bar soap. The first product I used was the moisturiser...I was wanting to review everything at once but I ran out of moisturiser before I finished my current body wash so I decided to just review them separately.

Caprina is not a brand that I was aware of until coming to Canada. Caprina was originally launched in 1999 under the name 'Canus' with their goat milk bar soap (which I will be reviewing in the future). Now in 2016, Caprina products are still among the best-sellers in Canada, as well as being popular in the USA and Asia. Since 2014, Caprina products have been bearing the seal of approval from the Dermatological Review Pannel (the commercial branch of the Canadian Dermatology Association).

When launching the Caprina  products, Andre Beauregard "firmly believed in the unique properties of fresh goat's milk, already recognised in the world over and used in skin care for centuries, owing to its superior moisturising abilities and its formula rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins." When it comes to using goat's milk in their products, Caprina is in close ties with over 100 dairy farms and producers across Quebec and Ontario.

Benefits of goat's milk: "The molecular formula of goat's milk is simple. The small size of the molecules helps it better penetrate the skin pores. In addition, the molecule has the property of remaining suspended on the skin's surface to reconstruct the hydrolipidic film , which prevents the body from losing too much moisture." 

I have previously mentioned how I struggle with keeping my skin hydrated in the dry Calgary climate so I always look forward to trying a new moisturiser to see how it works. More recently I have been trying to use products with no nasties in them. Caprina lotion is free from parabens, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested so that was already a plus for me.

Caprina offers six different formulas in their products; original formula, fragrance-free, olive oil and wheat protein, orchid, shea butter and lavender oil. I received the shea butter formula. I am a huge fan of shea butter based moisturisers as it is noted for its highly emollient attributes. Shea butter also helps to maintain the skin's elasticity and flexibility while really moisturising it.

I have been using the Caprina lotion over the past few weeks and I have really noticed an improvement in my skin. I apply the moisturiser after I shower every morning and my skin still feels soft the following morning, 24 hours after. It is much less flaky, more supple and has a glow to it.

I really loved this product, although I did find the scent a little strong so if I was going to repurchase the moisturiser I would get the fragrance free product.

The 75ml lotion costs $3.99 and the 350ml is $9.99.

Have you tried any of Caprina's products?

*Product sent to me but as always, the opinion is 100% my own.*

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Davines Nou Nou

I am going to be honest. When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, I have never been the one to buy the hair salon brands. I always thought they were too expensive and I was quite happy using my L'Oreal sulfate free shampoo, in fact, I still like that product. But at the beginning of this year, I used a drugstore brand that I hadn't used before and it ruined my hair. My hair broke all over, was lifeless and dull. And that's when my experience with Davines began.

About Davines: It is an Italian brand, founded in Parma in 1983. I was actually surprised that I hadn't heard of them until I moved to Canada, given that they're European. Davines are into being very eco-friendly. Their packaging is made of as little raw materials as possible, recyclable materials are used and reduce the use of composite materials as much as possible, as they are difficult to recycle. You can read more about Davines sustainability projects here.

Now, onto the products that I have used. My hairdresser recommended that I try Davines Nou Nou shampoo & conditioner since my hair was so dry and damaged. I happily bought the products, as who doesn't want that 'just-walked-out-of-the-salon' look and feel?!

About Nou Nou shampoo/conditioner:
Nourishing shampoo designed for damaged or very dry hair. Ideal for bleached hair, with highlights, perm or relaxed. Its formula, characterised by a rich and full-bodied foam is designed to gently cleanse treated hair, giving it body and nourishment. Winner of Allure magazine's 2015 Best of Beauty for damaged hair. 

Shampoo natural ingredients: fiaschetto tomato from Guaceto - it has a strong nourishing power and an antioxidant action. Mixture of mild sufactants - to clean the hair, without making it heavy. Phenetyl benzoate - strong shining effect.

Nourishing conditioner designed for damaged or very dry hair. Ideal for bleached hair, with highlights, perm or relaxed. Its formula is designed to untangle treated hair, it also makes it soft and silky, giving it volume, not weighing it down. Winner of Allure magazine's 2015 Best of Beauty for damaged hair. 

Conditioner natural ingredients: fiaschetto tomato from Guaceto - it has a strong nourishing power and an antioxidant action. Vitamin E - antioxidant action.

My thoughts:

First of all, I love the smell of these products. It reminds me of parma violet sweets, it made my hair smell so good. I believe the shampoo is sulfate free as when I lathered it in my hair, it didn't get as sudsy as some shampoos but that is ok! I like sulfate free products, as I feel that they weigh my hair down less. I got off to a really good start with this shampoo and conditioner. With the dry Calgary climate in winter and spring, my hair can get a little parched and very static. The conditioner is quite thick and I didn't need to use too much for it to untangle my hair - a little goes a long way.  Both of these products really quenched my hair and made it shiny.

However, recently I felt that these products were starting to weigh down my hair and I couldn't go more than one day without washing it. My hairdresser said that it is probably because it is coming into summer and the climate isn't as dry anymore. I started using a different shampoo and conditioner and my hair is back to its shiny self.

It seems that Davines Nou Nou products are better suited for my hair during the dry winter, which means I have a lot left over that I will keep until winter comes around again!

I did feel that the price was quite high for the amount of product that you get (250ml). But I guess with a good quality product comes a higher price!

Next week I have a review of their purple conditioner on the blog!

Have you tried Davines products? What did you think?

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