Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Everyone knows that coconut oil can be used for basically everything. As a moisturiser, eye make-up remover and to help clean and whiten your teeth. I have tried all of those but the one I had been a bit sceptical of trying was to use it as a hair mask. I was worried that it would leave my hair a lank, greasy mess...well because it is an oil.

However, over the past few weeks I have been putting the hair  mask to the test and I am so happy with the results and it doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy. Before I share with you the method for the hair mask, I want to share some of the benefits of coconut oil for your hair.

Coconut Oil Benefits For Hair
Helps damaged hair: Coconut oil is known to help prevent protein loss in the hair. Full of lauric acid, the coconut oil easily absorbs through the hair shaft.
Moisture retention: Has a high moisture retaining capacity meaning that hair stays moist and soft, preventing breakage.
Anti-Dandruff: The fatty acids in the coconut oil help to fight against dandruff and coconut oil is anti-fungal.

I love how my hair feels after a fresh cut (who doesn't). It feels healthy, soft and bouncy but I find that feeling doesn't seem to last long. After a few weeks, the ends of my hair starts to feel dry and a little unhealthy.

I decided to bite the bullet and try coconut oil on my hair. I have only used it on the ends of my hair so I can't say how it will be if you add it all over your hair. The first night I did it I was pretty nervous as I had work the next day and I didn't want to wake up the next morning with a greasy mess. 

This is the steps I took to using the coconut oil on my hair:

1. I took a tiny bit of coconut oil, like a slither, and rubbed it in both hands so that it melted. You really do not need a lot of the oil as when it melts there is plenty.

2. I applied the coconut oil to the ends of my hair and tied my hair up. I left the oil on overnight.

3. In the morning, before I washed my hair, I applied conditioner to the oiled ends of my hair while they were dry. The conditioner helps remove the coconut oil. I left that on for about 10 minutes.

4. I then washed my hair as normal but used an anti-residue shampoo and normal conditioner. I feel like the anti-residue shampoo helped to remove any little bit of coconut oil left in my hair.  (I only use anti-residue shampoo once a week as you don't want your hair to be completely stripped).

5. I then dried and styled my hair like I normally do.

I was delighted with the results. My hair didn't have a hint of grease to it, instead, the ends felt really smooth and healthy. This is a treatment that I have incorporated into my haircare and I only do it once a week. It really is a cheap and easy way to take care of your hair if you feel it is a bit dull and dry.

Have you tried coconut oil? What is your favourite way to use it?

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