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Canadian Brand | Barre Body Studio

Over the past year I have been getting much more into exercise, in regards to toning up and becoming fit. It seems that I am not alone, you just have to go onto Instagram and you basically have a directory of people who are also looking to get more fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. I love looking at people's posts, it gives me inspiration and motivation. Some of my favourite accounts to check out are; Liparazzi, The Body Coach, and Emily Skye. I did reformer pilates last year for about 9 months and I really enjoyed it but I felt that I needed to do something that was more challenging. I wasn't sure how to incorporate weights and HIIT into my workouts but I knew that was something I was interested in. I had heard a great deal about Barre, mostly from EmTalks blog and also Instagram. Reading that Barre incorporates pilates, yoga, and dance, I decided that it sounded like something I would love. When I was younger I was constantly active and dancing was a huge part of my life. I did ballet, tap, highland and jazz dance as a kid and teenager but once I moved away from home it was something that I never took the time to do.

In February, I decided to try the month intro pass for Barre Body Studio which cost $65. BBS was created by Marlo and there are two locations in Calgary, one in Ramsay and one on Bow Trail. There's also a BBS located in Edmonton and is owned by Marlo's cousins, Elissa, and Megan.

There is a great selection of classes to try at BBS;
Barre Body Fit: This classic one hour class will challenge and tone all levels of fitness.
Barre Press: A fifty-minute version of Barre Body Fit for those in a rush.
Barre + Core + Stretch: Barre paired with extra core work and stretching.
Barre Body Blast: A class with added cardio and strength training options.
BBS Bangin' Backside: A class that will sculpt your butt, tone your hamstrings and strengthen your back.
Barre Body Fifty: Skip the cardio and focus on graceful sequences, strong toning work, and a long stretch series.
Lean Mean Arms: A class that has an extra focus on your arms.

I love the studio that I go to. The staff is friendly and welcoming, and the studio has great amenities such as; shower stalls with shampoo & conditioner, free mats, and towels, lockers and hair dryers.

The classes I go to most are Barre Body Fit and Barre Press, I try to go to classes at least three or four times a week. The class takes place in a big, bright and airy studio and the instructors wear headsets to take the class while the latest chart hits are blasting. For classes, you have to wear grippy socks and I also just wear standard exercise leggings and top.

The pace of the class is perfect for me and the two classes I go to the most (Barre Body Fit and Barre Press) seem to follow a consistent structure. The class is split into sections; a warm-up, then an arm workout with dumbells ranging from 2-5lb, bursts of cardio to get your heart rate up, barre work to get your legs and butt in shape and then ab and glute work on the mats. Then there is a wind-down session at the end which includes some yoga positions. I love the wind-down, I always feel so relaxed after and I am not a huge fan of yoga.

I am always sweating during and after my class and I love it. Even though I have been going for 4 months now I still find the workout intense. The leg work is full of pulsing and resistance bands and oh my god, it burns but it so worth it. I have really noticed a change in my body since starting barre. I have always been pretty scrawny and didn't know how to build up muscle at the gym or what was right for me. I am now noticing muscle growth in my arms, my legs are more toned, my abs are harder and my butt is lifted! These classes have made me feel really great about my body and I am so happy with my progress. You can see a video of what BBS is like here.

Another thing I love about BBS is their involvement in the community. Very often there are classes held to raise money for a specific charity. This Sunday $20 from each person that attended a class was donated to the Canadian Red Cross to help with the recent fire in Fort McMurray.

Barre has really changed my perspective on exercise. I used to hate the idea of doing cardio but the short bursts at BBS I actually really enjoy. I love going to Barre and I never feel like I don't want to go. It is important to find an exercise that you like and I have finally found mine.

Instagram: @BarreBodyStudio
Facebook: Barre Body Studio
Twitter: Barre Body Studio

Have you tried Barre? What is your favourite way to exercise?

* This post was written because of my love for BBS - I wasn't asked to do it. Thanks to BBS for providing me with the images*

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