Friday, 10 June 2016

Caprina by Canus Body Lotion

I was very kindly sent a few Caprina by Canus products to try and review for my blog. I was sent the body lotion, body wash, and bar soap. The first product I used was the moisturiser...I was wanting to review everything at once but I ran out of moisturiser before I finished my current body wash so I decided to just review them separately.

Caprina is not a brand that I was aware of until coming to Canada. Caprina was originally launched in 1999 under the name 'Canus' with their goat milk bar soap (which I will be reviewing in the future). Now in 2016, Caprina products are still among the best-sellers in Canada, as well as being popular in the USA and Asia. Since 2014, Caprina products have been bearing the seal of approval from the Dermatological Review Pannel (the commercial branch of the Canadian Dermatology Association).

When launching the Caprina  products, Andre Beauregard "firmly believed in the unique properties of fresh goat's milk, already recognised in the world over and used in skin care for centuries, owing to its superior moisturising abilities and its formula rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins." When it comes to using goat's milk in their products, Caprina is in close ties with over 100 dairy farms and producers across Quebec and Ontario.

Benefits of goat's milk: "The molecular formula of goat's milk is simple. The small size of the molecules helps it better penetrate the skin pores. In addition, the molecule has the property of remaining suspended on the skin's surface to reconstruct the hydrolipidic film , which prevents the body from losing too much moisture." 

I have previously mentioned how I struggle with keeping my skin hydrated in the dry Calgary climate so I always look forward to trying a new moisturiser to see how it works. More recently I have been trying to use products with no nasties in them. Caprina lotion is free from parabens, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested so that was already a plus for me.

Caprina offers six different formulas in their products; original formula, fragrance-free, olive oil and wheat protein, orchid, shea butter and lavender oil. I received the shea butter formula. I am a huge fan of shea butter based moisturisers as it is noted for its highly emollient attributes. Shea butter also helps to maintain the skin's elasticity and flexibility while really moisturising it.

I have been using the Caprina lotion over the past few weeks and I have really noticed an improvement in my skin. I apply the moisturiser after I shower every morning and my skin still feels soft the following morning, 24 hours after. It is much less flaky, more supple and has a glow to it.

I really loved this product, although I did find the scent a little strong so if I was going to repurchase the moisturiser I would get the fragrance free product.

The 75ml lotion costs $3.99 and the 350ml is $9.99.

Have you tried any of Caprina's products?

*Product sent to me but as always, the opinion is 100% my own.*

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