Saturday, 13 August 2016

Footlogix Mousse

I am not going to lie, I am pretty lazy when it comes to moisturising my feet. I want a quick fix and don't want to be waiting for the moisturiser to fully absorb before I can put my shoes on or get into bed. When I was sent some Footlogix Mousse to try, I thought it seemed right up my street!

About Footlogix Mousse

Ingredients and benefits

  • 10% urea which locks moisture into the skin
  • 1% dimethicone, which acts as a skin protectant 
  • Absorbed immediately and leaves no greasy residue
  • Fragrance free
  • Allows the skin to breathe: the soothing airy mousse formula mimics the skin's own composition and doesn't block pores.
  • Infuses essential moisturising and active nourishing ingredients  for absorption deep into the layers of the skin.   
  • Gently, naturally, exfoliates and hydrates the skin's surface.
  • Increases elasticity, enabling the skin to become soft and supple.
  • Non-greasy, so socks can be worn immediately after application.
  • Does not wash off or soak into clothing.
  • Easy to apply and is rapidly absorbed.

My thoughts 

Before I started using Footlogix Mousse, I was using an organic foot moisturiser. It was fine, not my favourite. It was a runny consistency and took ages to absorb which meant I was less inclined to use it. Instead of using it twice a day, I would only use it at night before bed and then throw some socks on to stop the product going on my sheets. So when I received and read about Footlogix Mousse, it sounded like a breath of fresh air. The claims sounded almost too good to be true so there was only one way to find out!

I have been using the mousse twice a day, for at least 3 weeks now. I stopped using my old moisturiser for a few days before I started using the Footlogix product to really get an idea of how much it works.

The first thing I noticed about the product is the texture. As clearly stated in the name, it is a mousse. At first, when I pumped some out, I looked at it and wondered how it was going to moisturise my dry feet. It has such a light and airy consistency that I almost didn't believe it would do anything. Anyway, I rubbed it into my heels, soles and in between my toes. It is safe to say that with this product a little goes a long way!

After using this product for the past few weeks, there is definitely a noticeable change in the skin on my feet. It is supple, looks plump and isn't cracked anymore. This product really makes a difference on the dried out skin, something I battle with in Calgary. I will say that it is a product that you have to use consistently, as I took a day or two off and my started to dry out again but as soon as I started it up again, my feet were silky soft.

Now for the claims of the fast absorption. This is definitely something that is true about the product. In the morning I apply this after I have showered and at night before I jump into bed - both times when I don't want to sit around waiting for the moisturiser to sink in. With the Footlogix Mousse, I don't have to do that. It honestly is absorbed straight away.

A few days into using the Footlogix Mousse, Dan asked me if I had used a foot lotion as there was residue left on our bathroom tiles. Now that surprised me as the leaflet for the product claims that no greasy residue is left! Since this is the only product that I use on my feet, there can't be anything else that left the residue on the floor. It doesn't bother me too much and won't put me off using the product. I just throw some socks on straight after applying!

I really love this product from Footlogix Medical and recommend it if you suffer from dry skin on your feet. It is also worth mentioning, that Footlogix is a proud supporter of the Canadian Diabetes Association. If you are suffering from dry feet due to diabetes, definitely give this product a try!

Have you tried Footlogix Mousse? What do you think of it?

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