Thursday, 11 August 2016

Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

Anxiety is a funny thing, not in a 'ha-ha' way, but in the weird way that it can just creep up on you without any warning. When I say anxiety, I am not talking about the general feeling of being 'anxious.' I mean full blown panic attack anxiety. There is a huge difference between the emotion of feeling anxious and actual anxiety.

I first suffered from a panic attack when I was around 12. I was in Marks and Spencers with my mum and all of a sudden I felt really hot, my heart was racing and I couldn't breathe properly. So I sat down and that was that. I guess not much more was thought of it. Looking back, though, I have always shown signs of anxiety. I was (and still am) a complete hypochondriac as a child. You know Vaida from 'My Girl'? I was basically her.

In Aberdeen, I suffered a little from panic attacks but it didn't happen all that often. They did get really bad last year when I moved to Canada with Dan. There was so much going on; I was in a new country, we had to get everything in order for my PR application, I couldn't work for the first few months which meant it was hard for me to meet people. My anxiety went through the roof. I would have panic attacks at the cinema, in the mall, on the train, at home and most of the time, I didn't know why. I just knew that my anxiety was really bad. A year on and it all makes much more sense. I don't cope well with new things and stress and my brain basically went into overdrive. It decided I wasn't going through enough so decided to throw some panic attacks in there too!

Anyway, recently I got talking to another blogger who has been suffering from panic attacks and shared some tips of mine with her, and I thought I would share them on here too.

I spoke to Dan about my anxiety and how it made me feel, and also just how it could be triggered for no apparent reason. He was great, and tried to understand as much as he could, he was also really patient but I do know that it is hard for someone who doesn't suffer from anxiety to fully understand it themselves. One of his friends has also suffered from anxiety so I spoke to him about it. It was great to talk to someone who actually understood how I felt and understood that feeling of sheer panic that can happen.

I have never really been a Podcast person but last year I discovered some great ones while I was feeling anxious.

The Anxiety Guru Show: A great podcast by the writer, Paul Dooley. This was my go-to Podcast last year. It covers all things anxiety, from making you realise you aren't alone with anxiety and how to manage anxiety. He actually also has a great article about heart palpitations on his website. This was a new symptom that I suffered last year with my anxiety and it was so scary and made me panic even more. It was a vicious circle.

Michael Hyatt: Michael  doesn't talk about anxiety but his niche is more about managing time, something that can cause anxiety with me. It's a mixture of work-life, home-life and even how to manage blogging.

Read know that little voice in your head that eggs on your anxiety? I have a book that will help with that. I only read it this year and it was fantastic. I got it because I was having panic attacks during driving lessons...not ideal. It was recommended to me by so many people, my mum included! The book is called 'The Chimp Paradox' and is about that annoying 'little voice' in your head and how to manage it. I would recommend that everyone reads this, even if you don't have anxiety.

The next book isn't anxiety focussed but I think it is brilliant. It is called 'The Confidence Gap.' Personally, this does help me as my anxiety tends to rear its ugly head if I am not feeling confident about something.

I have this weird thing where if I am in public and my anxiety/panic attack is kicking in and I can't remove myself from the situation (on the train) then I will put my earphones on and turn them up really loud, and I will focus on that and it helps to distract me.

Spotify: Probably my most used app. I LOVE it. I have a few playlists that I will listen to when I need to relax. Relax 1. Relax 2.

Headspace: An absolutely fantastic app for mindfulness and meditation.

Calm: Another meditation app. It also has relaxing sounds that help (rainfall, birds etc).

I cannot stress it enough. Exercising regularly has helped sooo much with my anxiety! Those endorphins really do make a difference. If you are going to start exercising, make sure it is something that you will actually enjoy. I LOVE going to Barre and always want to go!

I hope you have found some of these tips helpful. If you suffer from anxiety, what do you find helps you?

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