Friday, 1 February 2019

Tips for a Clean House with a Dog

As many of you will know, we have French Bulldog called Henry. Make sure you follow his Instagram account to keep up with his antics!

I thought I would share the things I have learned that have helped to keep our house clean with a dog.

1. Relax
So obviously this isn't a product you can buy but something you can learn. I would freak out when I saw Henry's nose marks or licks on the wall because I thought it looked so grubby. It was actually worse when Henry was a puppy as he was curious about everything but he is so chilled out now, it isn't much of an issue, plus everything can be cleaned or painted over.

2. Floors
We have beautiful hardwood floors on our lower floor but they are not matte and show up every mark when the sun or certain light hits them. Henry sneezes quite a lot and when he does it goes all over the floor! It can be quite funny when he sneezes if the sun is directly on him as it looks like a fountain is spraying out his nose. Funny stuff aside, it leaves marks all over the floor. Sometimes just droplets, other times stickier bogies. It is gross. Our floors probably stay what I consider as 'clean' (in comparison to other's floors I am sure they are still really clean) for three days max. I mop twice a week. We have the Bona spray mop for the hardwood and buy the cleaner refill when needed. I really like the mop. It is easy to use and the spray doesn't leave any streaks behind. Since I only mop twice a week, on in-between days I will just do some spot checks if I see marks on the floor and it only takes a few minutes. We also wipe Henry's paws with unscented baby wipes when he comes in from a walk. His paws can get really dirty as it is dusty outside so this helps with keeping the floors clean.

3. Dog Hair
If anyone ever tells you that Frenchies don't shed, don't listen to them. They are talking BS. Typically French Bulldogs shed twice a year. Henry went through a really heavy shed this spring as the weather started warming up. When he isn't shedding, he still obviously loses hair much like us humans do.

To keep up with the dog hair, I recommend a cordless vacuum. They are great to use when you quickly need to vacuum stuff up. We have the Dyson V8 Absolute. We had wanted one for so long and after getting Henry we decided to go for it. Best purchase ever. It is my favourite toy. There are two settings on it, it comes with different types of heads (one for hardwood and one for carpet) and the battery life is great. It is also easy to clean - you just run the heads under water and let them dry. I vacuum with our central vac once a week and in between I use our Dyson. Sometimes Henry's hair can stick to the walls and I will use the soft head on the central vac to remove it. A cheaper alternative for the Dyson is the Swiffer Vac. We used to have that before the Dyson and it was ok for the price you pay.

I also like to just use plain old Swiffers sometimes to pick up any hair or dust.

3. Smell
Our house doesn't smell doggy but to make sure it is fresh I open the windows every morning to get some fresh air in. I also have some candles that I light. My favourite brand is DW, which can be found at Homesense. Another thing that I like to do is fill the sink with some hot water and pour a few drops of essential oils in, they also smell great. Just be aware of what essential oils you use, as some such as tea tree is toxic for dogs. Make sure you wash your dog's bed, toys and blankets regularly as they can start to smell too.

4. Baby Wipes
So we use baby wipes on Henry's paws but recently I found another use for them! Henry sometimes sneezes on the walls or wipes his face on it. It used to drive me mad but not so much now, I like to think of it as his artwork... Whenever I see marks from him on the wall, I use a baby wipe on it. It removes the mark without leaving any residue on the paint.

I hope you found some of these tips useful!

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