Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Marc Jacobs Beauty | Velvet Primer

Marc Jacobs Beauty just released their Velvet Primer and I was lucky to get my hands on one to try out. It came with the Velvet Noir Mascara which I have tried in the past but I will talk about a bit.

I had never tried a mascara primer before and was intrigued. A primer for your face I understand but for eyelashes sounds like a bit of a gimmick.

About the primer
* Creamy and conditioning
* The beige colour helps intensify the mascara and won't make it look grey
* Keeps your lashes soft
* Stops mascara from flaking

Upon applying the primer on my lashes, I felt like I looked like the White Witch from Narnia. First impressions were that it made my eyelashes look really clumpy and stuck together, not a look that I am a fan of. The instructions say to not wait too long to apply your mascara on top of the primer so I didn't. I applied Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir mascara on top. It didn't take much mascara at all to cover up the beige primer, which I was pleased about. I was worried that it would look like a black and beige clumpy mess. That being said, adding the mascara just made my eyelashes look even more clumpy and stuck together. You know when you cry and your eyelashes look clumped up? That is how I felt my eyelashes looked. I know some people like a more false lash, clumpy look so if you like that, this might be your product.

I have used the mascara before and on its own, it applies fine. It isn't my favourite mascara as I don't find that it separates my lashes well or adds much volume but it isn't the worst.

I don't think I will be using the primer under mascara again but in the product description, it says you can use it as an overnight treatment. I might give that a try to see if I notice a difference in my lashes. Overall though, I do think it is just a gimmick and not worth the money.

What are your thoughts on eyelash primers?

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